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John Hollander

Ph.D. Candidate

Experimental Psychology

I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Memphis, where I study language processing, semantics, and literacy skills with Dr. Andrew Olney in the Department of Psychology and Dr. John Sabatini at the Institute for Intelligent Systems.

Research interests

Semantic representation

+  Computational models of language processing

+  Reading and literacy skills

+  Eye- and mouse-tracking methods

Representative publications  [see all publications]

Hollander, J., & Huette, S. (2022). Extracting blinks from continuous eye-tracking data in a mind wandering paradigm. Consciousness and Cognition, 100, 103303.  [pdf]

Hollander, J., Sabatini, J., Graesser, A. (2021). An intelligent tutoring system for improving adult literacy skills in digital environments. Coalition for Adult Basic Education Journal. 10(2), 59-64.  [pdf]

Hollander, J., Sabatini, J., & Graesser, A. (2022). How Item and Learner Characteristics Matter in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Data. In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (pp. 520-523). Springer, Cham.  [pdf]

Hollander, J., & Dark-Freudeman, A. (2022). Psycholinguistic, Stroop, and self-report measurements of death anxiety: A study of convergent validity. Death Studies, 1-7.  [pdf]


A network visualization of my published co-authorships.

Line width corresponds to the number of co-authorships.

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Research Methods and Statistics I  | PSYC 3010

Instructor of Record

Fall '22, Spring '23


400 Innovation Drive

Memphis, TN, 38111